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24/7 Access

We're here to make your banking as easy as humanly possible, even when there's no computer around. With 1st Call you can conduct your own transactions for free at anytime from anywhere there's a touch-tone phone. 

Get Ready to Use 1st Call with These Basics

1st Call Numbers
Dial either 888.800.3328 or 323.851.3673 , then select Option 1

Your First Entertainment Account Number
This is available on:

  • Digital Banking > View Account Number (to the right of your Account Summary)
  • Mobile App > View Account Number (via the Main Menu)
  • Monthly/Quarterly Statements (in the upper right hand corner on the first page)
  • First Entertainment New Member Card (issued at account opening)

Your Access Code
You will need to contact the Credit Union for your initial access code. You will have the ability to change it after you begin using 1st Call. 

1st Call Services

  • Access via a touch-tone keypad or Speech Recognition Service
  • Get account and loan balances
  • Request check-by-mail withdrawal
  • Obtain tax and dividend information
  • Receive account history
  • Verify what checks have cleared
  • New Menus for increased ease of navigation
  • Debit Card Activation now available when calling from your home or cell phone
  • Text-to-Speech system will now recognize the names of your accounts associated with its Share IDs, not just the numbers

Important Tips When Using 1st Call

Here's a brief outline of some of the menus you'll encounter in 1st Call:

  • Opening Menu - Allows you to access the account selection menu and system instructions.
  • Accounts Information & Funds Transfer Menu - Access checking, savings, loan and certificate accounts, as well as allows you to transfer funds and perform other functions.
  • Checking & Savings Account Menus - For information on your account balances, previous account activity, last deposit day and amount, specific check information, and dividend information.
  • Loan Account Menu - Access your loan balance, payment and payoff details, and interest information.
  • Certificate & IRA Menus - For information about your account balances and maturity dates, as well as interest and dividends.
  • Funds Transfer Menu - Transfer funds between pre-authorized checking, savings and loan accounts.
  • Action Keys - Shortcuts for power users to help you navigate the system.

Speech Recognition Service

In addition to all the touch-tone options 1st Call offers, it also has a Speech Recognition Service available for those members who prefer not to use a standard keypad. When you call in to 1st Call, instructions on how to use this service will be provided in the opening message.

When you hear the menu option you want, you say it, instead of pressing a key. You want the "My Accounts" option? Just say "My Accounts." And if you ever want to go back a step, it's as simple as saying "Go Back." However, if you're entering monetary information, you'll still need to enter the amount on a keypad to insure transaction integrity.

1st Call Questions/Access Code Requests

Contact Us if you have a question, comment, or Access Code request.

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