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Where to Find the Information You Need

Whether you're looking to establish Direct Deposit, Automatic Loan Payments or Transfers, or just want to reorder checks, it is important to provide the correct account information.


What You Need for Direct Deposit:


Got Checks? Good.

  1. The first nine (9) digits (at the bottom, starting from left) are the Credit Union's Routing Number.
  2. The second set of 14-digits beginning with "1" is your Account Number . You must provide the individual/company the entire number , including the correct number of zeros.
  3. The last group of digits is the Check Number which is not part of the Account Number.


No checks? No problem!

You can get the same information with Digital Banking.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select   Checking Account from your Account Dashboard screen
  3. Click the Details tab
  4. Write down all 14-digits listed next to the ELECTRONIC ACCOUNT NUMBER


To Reorder Checks:

To order checks online, you’ll need one of the following:

  1. The check re-order slip from your most recent check order, (located near the end of your current check supply). On this re-order slip, look for the 12-digit “Order Identification Number.” You’ll use this number to place your re-order. OR you’ll need…
  2. One of your checks. You'll need the "Routing/Transit Number (#)" which is 322274158  as well as the 14-digit  "Account Number"  from the bottom line of your check in order to place your re-order.
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Once you have located the information you need on either of these forms, click the Re-Order Checks button (below) to submit your request online.

Re-Order Your Checks Now

Re-Order Checks

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